The Changing Face of Poker

Do you believe that the forces of the Poker Gods control poker, or do you have the evolutionary standpoint of true Darwinism flavour? 

The truth is that both strands of thought have a home in this great card game of ours. Poker is continually evolving; it is as fluid as water running down a stream. 

Some of these styles work against some opponents and some do not; this means that a one shape fits all strategy does not work. Players and their styles of play need to evolve, change, and stay ever changing.

In a general sense, the game has evolved from a tight passive to a loose aggressive format. So much so that some modern-day professionals will even voice concern that the online game has become too loose. 

So has the game turned full circle? There was a time when a loose aggressive style would overcome the tight passivity of the modern pro, so is the reverse true today? Do the tight aggressive styles of play outmatch the loose aggression of their opponents?

The changing face of poker also means that it is very difficult to teach. The great Erik Seidel once said that it was almost impossible for him to teach anybody because each hand is different from the next. 

Seidel has a great point – how can you teach someone a game that will be different tomorrow?

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Last Updated 18 April 2014
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The Changing Face of Poker