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PLO or Pot Limit Omaha is one of the most aggressive and exciting variants of poker you can play. While the majority of people play Texas Hold’em , the game’s elite often opt for PLO. This is because there is a lot more action, and the number of tough decisions you have to make is a lot higher. 

The game starts with each player being dealt four hole cards and, from these, you have to use two (and only two) to make the best five card hand. As with poker’s other variants, the hand rankings are the same. However, unlike Texas Hold’em, you cannot simply use one hole card from your selection.

Because you have more cards to choose from, the number of possible hands you can make is markedly greater than in Hold’em. One pair hands are a lot weaker than they are in Hold’em, and the potential to get outdrawn when you flop a strong hand can be huge. 

For example, if you flop middle set on a 7, 8, 9 flop, you could actually be an underdog in equity terms if your opponent holds 9-T-J-Q. This is because they can hit a 6, T, J, Q, K, to make a winning straight.

Indeed, the power of a strong draw, or a wrap as it known in PLO, is something many novices fail to realise. 

Starting hand selection is one of the most crucial aspects of PLO, and something you need to master if you want to make a profit. Weak hands are ones that contain no cohesion or no connection. You want all four cards you are dealt to work with each other. That way, when you see the community cards, you have the option of using all four cards instead of just two or three. 

If you are looking for a break from the saturated world of Texas Hold’em, then PLO is a great game to try. As long as you are selective about the hands you play, and do not commit too much money with one pair, you will find it a positive experience.  

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