Overseas casinos - Listings of top online casinos in the Pound Euro or Dollar play.

Overseas Casinos - We have developed this page specifically for our Non South African Players who would like to play in Dollars, Euros or Pounds.


Why play at an Online Casino?

You may wonder why playing at an online casino is better than playing at a land based casino. First of all you should consider the ease of access. An online casino is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week from anywhere in the the world as long as you have acces to the internet. As a result of this, you always have the possibility to visist a casino without ever leaving home. Playing at land based casinos leaves you with no other possibilities than planning your visit before you actually go. With online casinos you have no such worries as when to go or where to go – with just a few clicks you’ll be there. A second reason to play at online casinos is that these often have far more game variations and varieties than the landbased casinos. Some software providers even provides the players with up to 4 new games sluts and video poker each month.

The third reason why playing at an online casino is that you get better odds than playing at a land based casino. Land based casinos have far more expenses than online casinos. This means that they can't offer you a very high payout percentage compared to online casino. As a result of this online casinos can offer their players payout percentages between 96 - 98%. This is far betterr than what players at land based casino are offered.

If you are interested in dabbling in a bit of online bingo - it may pay to learn the bingo lingo first.



Overseas Casinos