River Decisions in No Limit Hold'em

The game of No Limit Hold’em (NLHE) consists of four pieces of action: pre flop, flop, turn, and river. It’s simple flow that dictates that, by the time you reach the river, the pot is going to be the same size, or bigger, than any other street. 

This makes your next decision quite an important one. Here are two little snippets of information that may help you make the right one, courtesy of the online poker news. 

#1 River Aggression Frequency

If you find yourself on the river, whilst playing Omaha poker online, and are unsure how to proceed, then river aggression frequency can really help you make your next move. 

If their stats are very high then they have a propensity to try to steal the most lucrative street in poker, and you should proceed with caution. If the statistic is very low, then you are facing an opponent who likes to get to showdown without fuss, so create fuss.

#2 Check Raising

Some players fear the river check-raise and allow that fear to lose them a ton of value, when, in reality, there are not that many players pulling this particular rabbit out of the hat as a bluff. Before deciding to value bet the river, look at your opponent’s check-raise frequency. 

If we are seeing 10% or lower, then your opponent is only check-raising for value with sets or very strong draws. Anything lower than this is incredibly tight. As you approach the 20% range then your opponent is clearly mixing in some bluffs, and you may choose to check back when facing this type of player. 

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River Decisions in No Limit Hold'em