Stealing the Blinds

If you are not capable of stealing the blinds, then you are going to find a poker live tournament tough. It is the cornerstone of any great poker game, especially if your game is six-max cash. 

In fact, the game has become so tight that the difference between a successful professional player and a break-even player may well come down to this distinction.

Blind stealing is when you make a pre-flop raise with the sole intention of forcing everyone to fold. Your goal is to win the pot without challenge. As the pot will only contain the antes submitted by the small and big blinds, this is why it is known as blind stealing.

Your blind stealing range will depend on a few factors, but the main one is the behavior of the players seated in the blinds, as many experts offerings tips to play poker will testify.

If they are playing very tight, then your range can widen; if they are defending liberally, then you may need to narrow your range. 

Position is also pivotal to success. If there are players seated in later positions who are likely to intervene, then stealing from the early positions is not a great strategy. But when you are playing on the button your stealing range becomes very player dependent.

When playing online poker you can use a Heads Up Display (HUD) to help you quickly analyse the blind play of your opponents. There are numerous statistics that you can use to your advantage, and fold to steal is one of them. 

If you are playing live, then blind defence is going to be rampant and you will have to rely on your reads when determining your range.

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