How to Play Poker with a Big Stack

In a multi-table tournament (MTT), wielding a big stack is akin to wielding a big axe. It can cause a lot of damage, most of which will be fatal. But what constitutes a big stack? For the purposes of this article, and your learning, a big stack is one that is greater than 30 big blinds (BB).

If you are lucky enough to build a stack in excess of 30BB in a Poker game, and have a table consisting of people with lesser-sized stacks, then the first piece of advice it to attack relentlessly. 

You should increase your open-raise frequency and get involved in as many pots as possible. But it wouldn’t be poker without a caveat. If you are opening light, you are going to need much more than just blunt strength; you are also going to need to know how to play good post flop poker. 

A big stack that cannot navigate his way through the streets against a skilful player can suffer a death from a thousand cuts. So, if you are not that great post flop, and find yourself sitting behind a big stack, then you may wish to remain a little conservative in poker events. 

The closer you get to the 40BB mark, the more often you can introduce a spot of three bet bluffing into your game. Up until this point, your stack size has not been a good one to raise-fold, but with 40BB the world is your oyster. 

Make sure you pay particular attention to the stack sizes you are choosing to pick on. When three-bet bluffing, for example, choose stack sizes similar to yours because, although they are 40BB deep, they are still too shallow to flat call.

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How to Play Poker with a Big Stack