Craps : The Place Bets

The Craps table offers more variety than the promise from Heinz baked beans and this is why it is such an attractive game. Variety is the spice of life after all. One set of bets that you can make is known as the ‘place bets’, so lets take a closer look at them.

Craps players can make six ‘place bets’ and they are the numbers four, five, six, eight, nine, and ten. 

It is important to remember that one of these numbers will be the ‘point.’ If you are on the pass line with the Shooter, you only need to play a maximum of five numbers.

The sixth number would be the extra money that could be used to increase the odds bet on the pass line. The odds bet is the one bet where there is no house advantage.

The ‘place bets’ are in action when the Shooter is trying to make their point. You can win or lose your ‘pass bets’ during this time. So, if you place a ‘place bet’ on the number eight and the Shooter rolls an eight you win.

If your bet exceeds $20 on the numbers 4 and 10, the player will give the casino 5% of the current bet. This is known as the ‘vig’ or ‘the juice’. Basically, the casino is charging you for offering you better odds. 

It is a good bet, despite the 5% commission. As usual, it is always good practice to check with your casino in advance, so you understand all of these quirky little betting rules.

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10 November 2013
Craps The Place Bets

Craps : The Place Bets